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Tom Flanigan serves as Eastern District Commissioner for Jasper County, Missouri.

First elected in 2016 and running for re-election August 6, 2024!

Missouri State Representative from 2008-2016.
Chairman of the State Budget Committee 2014-2016.

A lifelong Jasper County resident.

It would take 18 months to renovate the Jasper County Courthouse. Starting in 2020, workers removed some brick walls taking them back to the original brick. Some brick walls had filled in most of the archways on both floors and they were able to uncover windows that had been hidden from view from the inside.
Tom Flanigan told the Joplin Globe that the renovation probably ensures that the building can serve as the seat of the county government for at least another century. "That's why you do it," Flanigan said. "You do it for future generations. You do it because the people long ago who had the vision to authorize the courthouse and hire the architects and build this wonderful building. Partly in their name you want to maintain it. For the city of Carthage, county of Jasper."

Extensive Floor Renovation

Construction near 2nd Floor Elevator

Wide Angle View

The uncovered room!  This surprised everyone!


"The Jasper County Commission is charged with the responsibility to maintain our historical Jasper County Courthouse.  Here is how it all started."

                                      –Tom Flanigan

"Jasper County voters have been unwavering in their support of the Jasper County Courthouse by approving a quarter-cent sales tax in April 2016 and voting to extend it to 2035. Renovations began to bring the courthouse into the 21st century with painting, new wiring, and flooring.  Here is a video of the courthouse first floor before renovations began.  Also a photo of the construction document posted during renovation. 

Tom Flanigan told the Joplin Globe, "It's a continuation of Carthage's legacy of leadership.  We really are preserving the jewel of Carthage."


"The Jasper County Commission is charged with the responsibility to maintain our historical Jasper County Courthouse.  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing information about the journey. 

But first, here is a little history!"

– Tom Flanigan


Standing at 106 feet tall, the historic Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage is a source of pride for all Jasper Countians and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. Construction began 130 years ago in 1894 and the Courthouse was dedicated in 1895.  The Jasper County Commissioners are charged with the maintenance of this magnificent structure, and we take great pride and responsibility for that.  Here is a link to more of the history:


Committee to Elect Tom Flanigan, Anita Flanigan, Treasurer
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